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Welcome to Euro-Drive Clutches new website. Euro-Drive is dedicated to the best Quality OEM rebuild in the industry. We produce clutches, CV Axles, and Fuel Injectors, rebuilding only Original Equipment cores, thus guaranteed orginal fit, original quality and original performance. Rebuidling saves the environment by reusing major components of the original product.

Energy savings by remanufacturing worldwide in a year equals the electricity generated by 5 nuclear power plants or 10,774,000 barrels of crude oil which corresponds to a fleet of 233 oil tankers.

Raw materials saved by remanufacturing worldwide in a year would fill 155,000 railroad cars forming a train 1100 miles long.

Euro-Drive is a name you can trust. Started in 1976 as a family run European automotive clutch rebuilder, we have since grown include clutches for all makes, CV Axles, CV Driveshafts and Fuel Injectors in our rebuilding line-up. We also distribute Clutch related items such as clutch forks, flywheels and internal hydraulics along with CV Boot Kits, Specialty Universal Joints (U-Joints), and ATV driveline components, and Automatic flex plates.

Contact Euro-Drive for your fast, affordable rebuilds of any clutches not listed in our online catalog.